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Christmas Card Set

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Christmas Card Set

Publish Date: 8/1/2018
Product Number: 52L
Availability: Out of print/Discontinued

$ 6.00
As low as: $ 5.00
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Entire collection of 2 each of 5 designs with envelopes (10 cards total)

Grace Notes is a line of Christian greeting cards with a unique, colorful style. The Grace Notes Christmas collection includes two of each card. 10 assorted cards total, packaged with matching envelopes.

Text on each card in collection:

  • Code 52LA May the Love of our eternal God encircle your heart and home this season ΓǪ and always! Revelation 22:13
  • Code 52LB See the Child ΓǪ and worship him! Rejoicing and worshiping, we welcome the Christ Child! Matthew 2:2
  • Code 52LC May your hearts rejoice at the Savior’s birth. Isaiah 60:5
  • Code 52LD Joy to you at this holy season. Luke 2:10-11
  • Code 52LE May the peace, love and joy of the Christ Child fill your heart with song. Psalm 28:7