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Christianity And Islam

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Christianity And Islam

Publish Date: 8/1/2008
Product Number: 8CP
ISBN: 97919D
Format: DVD
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Words unfamiliar to most Americans are now heard daily on the evening news: jihad, Islam, Allah, Quran, fatwa,imam, ummah, Ramadan. Today, there are approximately seven million Muslims, and more than 13,000 mosques in North America. Now that Muslims are our neighbors, how do we talk to them about Christ? What do Muslims think about Jesus? Which beliefs do we share in common with Muslims and where do we differ from them? Do we worship the same God they worship? Is the Father of Jesus the God of Muhammad? Noted theologian, best-selling author, editor, and Dean of Beeson Divinity School at Samford University, Dr. Timothy George, teams with T. N. Mohan, producer-director of the award-winning films Hanged on a Twisted Cross, Here I Stand, and For One English Officer, to answer these and other questions in this visually rich four-part TV series.

The series avoids the angry condemnation of all Muslims on the one hand, and a facile minimizing of Christian truth-claims on the other. Without assuming an air of superiority, and characterizing Islam as a wicked, heinous religion, Dr. George joins Muslim scholars, clergy and the laity to discuss the serious theological differences between Islam and Christianity, and presents a balanced portrayal of Islam in the light of the Christian faith.

Included is a study guide containing additional background information, biblical comparisons, and discussion questions on each of the four 25-minute programs.

1. The Tenets of Islam

2. The Trinity

3. The Bible and the Incarnation

4. The Cross and Salvation

DVD, Closed Caption, 100 min.