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Come, Follow Me: A Child's Guide to Faithful Choices

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Come, Follow Me: A Child's Guide to Faithful Choices


Publish Date: 12/22/2016
Product Number: HTP-3536
ISBN: 978-19391-0567-7
Page Count: 32
Size: 6" X 9"
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$ 5.25
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The newest book in this popular series takes the basics of Catholic moral teaching and breaks those big ideas down to primary-grade size. Children learn that the choices they make show who they are and what is important to them, and that their choices affect other people, too.  Topics include:

  • Think respectful thoughts.
  • Say polite words.
  • Act with kindness.
  • Recognize differences between thinking and feeling, needing and wanting
  • Commandments are God's loving plan for how we can make faithful choices.

Each faith-based concept is reinforced with a hands-on learning activity that is fun, practical, and easy to remember.