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Our Journey to God

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Our Journey to God

Publish Date: 7/1/2018
Product Number: JRNG
ISBN: 978-16827-8040-4
Format: Book
Page Count: 145
Size: 5.8 X 8.5
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There is one commonality among every saint: they all have deep faith in God that vOwas lived out in their daily lives. Fr. Maurice Emelu explains here how the faith of vOAbraham, Moses, Mary, and other biblical figures evolved, and how their journey vOserves as a roadmap for how our faith-life can be built, nourished, and grown.vOvODrawing on his West African roots as well as his many years of pastoral ministry, vOFr. Emelu combines the story-telling culture of Africa with a Western worldview to vOoffer a unique perspective on the nature of faith and what it means to grow closer vOto the Lord.vOvOTheological yet practical, these pages show you what the journey of faith looks vOlike, and explains the essential elements to a life of faith which can transform not vOonly lives, but society itself. You'll also learn:vOvOThe four main stages of every person's journey of faithvOHow you can grow from the elementary forms of divine realization to deeper vOawareness of GodvOHow the journey of faith proceeds from the simple to the complex, and from the vOknown to the unknownvOHow faith is essential for understanding truth and fully realizing the gift of reasonvOWhy Abraham and the Blessed Mother are the best models for living out God's willvOThe various forms of doubt that can hurt and even help our relationship with the vOLordvOWays in which faith can break the boundaries of fear and pridevOHow faith is a source of unity not division among peoplesvOFaith is not an individual's private dominion. It is the core of our identity as religious vObeings. Read this book, and you will not only deepen your own faith in God, you vOwill develop a greater appreciation of the transforming power of faith.