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Friends Leader Guide

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Friends Leader Guide


Publish Date: 10/1/2014
Product Number: PAS
Format: Curriculum
Size: 8 1/2 x 11
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Looking for a fresh approach to junior high ministry? Give the youth in your congregation the road maps to successful Christian living with MINISTRY to ADOLESCENTS PROGRAM.

The Introductory Manual is Your Road MapThrough MAP!

This is the place to start. TheIntroductory Manual gives a more thorough overview of the MAP program than could ever be given here. And, it explains how to use all of the MAP program’s many resources for the best results. In the Introductory Manual you will find:

- A guide through the entire MAP program — how to use it and what it offers.

-Suggestions for creative, different ways of using MAP — whether it be used for a weekday program, for Sunday school, for youth retreats.

- Suggestions for involving parents and congregation in a team ministry.

- Imaginative ways to tailor the MAP program to your church’s youth goals.

- Clear explanations of the MAP program... including its use in relation to baptism, confirmation and outreach.

THE LEADERS GUIDES ARE MORE THAN THEY APPEAR. Each of the nine MAP modules has a Leaders Guide — an exciting component of the MAP program. As the Leaders Guide covers each of the six topics in each module, up to 30 (that’sright, 30!) creative activities are suggested for each topic. In the Leaders Guide each topic is organized according to MAP’s key structure — a structure that helps young people develop a life pattern of:

- Surveying their situation on life’s road.

- Consulting the Bible and catechism as road maps for life’s journey.

- Moving on in the direction shown by God’s road map.

THE YOUNG PEOPLE GET A MAGAZINE! Each Leaders Guide give practical, usable, fun suggestions for fulfilling these goals.

That’s right! Rather than relying on workbooks or hand outs, the MAP program utilizes a full-color, slick-paper magazine — one for each student... one for each module. Young people are encourage to take the magazine home — to read and enjoy it.Portions of the magazine are also utilized in the classroom. By making the primary teaching tool both informative and entertaining, the MAP program promises to connect!


Your MAP program can be built from nine independent modules, each covering six related topics. The modules can be used in any order.