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Praying for Those With Addictions

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Praying for Those With Addictions

A Mission of Love, Mercy and Hope

Author: Anne Costa

Publish Date: 4/1/2017
Product Number: PRTA
ISBN: 978-15932-5385-3
Format: Book
Page Count: 160
Size: 5.2 X 8
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We all know people who struggle with addictions. Sometimes they are our vOdearest loved ones. We often feel helpless in the face of their struggle, and yet vOour prayers are the best weapons we have to help them break free. Anne Costa vOshows us that we can cooperate with God's grace as we wait in hope for healing vOto come. And as we wait, our prayers will help us as well.vO

As someone who herself struggled with an addiction for ten years, Anne vOCosta writes with wisdom, experience, and conviction and helps us to view our vOprayers of intercession as a mission of love, mercy, and hope.v°v°v°v°

Features a vOweekly Scripture verse that readers can pray, claim, and reflect on, as well as two vOsimple prayers to pray that same week.

A powerful message that will vOresonate with readers.