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Come And See Jesus: Lower Level (year A, Epiphany - Pentecost 4)

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Come And See Jesus: Lower Level (year A, Epiphany - Pentecost 4)


Publish Date: 10/1/2014
Product Number: RCY
Format: Curriculum
Size: 8 1/2 x 11
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$ 29.95
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Come and See Jesus is a fresh resource:

Designed in response to a demand for solid, back-to-basics Christian education, it is packed full of bright ideas. Come and See Jesus will delight your teachers and children.

Come and See Jesus is a cost-saving resource:

Churches need to be good stewards of their resources. Because these materials are photocopiable, you will pay less.

Come and See Jesus is a Bible-based/Lectionary-based resource:

This means that the congregational unity is enhanced. This approach reinforces the weekly Lectionary themes for a coordinated Christian education program.

Come and See Jesus is available in either the Lutheran Lectionary or the Revised Common Lectionary.

Come and See Jesus is a user-friendly resource:

Each semester you purchase only four books: One each for Lower, Middle, and Upper levels, and one Planning Guide. If you have more than one class at each level, you will need to purchase a book for each class.

The Planning Guide is for the superintendent and the pastor to coordinate teaching. Pastors can blend Sunday school and congregational life to suit the needs of the families in their care.

Each semester you purchase the next four books until you have purchased the complete set over the three years of the lectionary period: for years A, B, and C.

Come and See Jesus is a teacher resource:

This is a resource for your teachers. You do not need to buy materials for the children. Teachers photocopy the activity sheets, pen and pencil activities or patterns right out of the teacher’s book.

The Take Home Sheets can be photocopied right out of the Planning Guide. These have been designed to fit right on the covers of bulletins or to be tucked inside.

Come and See Jesus is a menu-driven resource:

Creative teachers will thoroughly enjoy the great variety of ideas. Their classes will become beehives of spontaneity as teachers switch the order and content of each week’s lesson plan.

Teachers and children who are comfortable with a set routine will find it a simple matter of choosing the same items from the menu week by week.

Come and See Jesus: A new option in Christian education resources.