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Constant Hope

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Constant Hope

Reflections and Meditations to Strengthen the Spirit


Publish Date: 1/23/2019
Product Number: 853477
ISBN: 978-16278-5347-7
Page Count: 168
Size: 5.5" X 8.5"
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$ 16.95

“We are meant to be hope-filled people,” says spiritual writer and Living Faith contributor Joyce Rupp, but how do we keep an enduring sense of hope “in a society where divisiveness and hostility doggedly work against” it?

Rooted in Scripture and filled with real-life wisdom, Joyce Rupp›s Constant Hope will help you reach out to God, who has been encouraging and wooing you to walk steadfastly in faith, to enter more fully into relationship, to be ever truer to the vast potential for love that is yours.