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At Your Side

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At Your Side

Prayers for Messy, Delightful, Complicated, Outrageous, Everyday Life

Publish Date: 7/8/2020
Product Number: 856003
ISBN: 978-16278-5600-3
Page Count: 144
Size: 5.825 x 8.265
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$ 16.95
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For many of us, prayer tends to be a formal process. But if we want Jesus to be at our side to help us through the ups and downs of daily life, it helps to find other ways to talk to him, even about seemingly ordinary things. This engaging collection of prayers for individuals or groups is deeply rooted in real life and covers a broad range of our human experience.

The prayers are often funny, at times poignant, but always inspiring. As the authors say, “Sometimes God is going to speak to you through the diffi¬cult meeting at work, the woman at the bus stop, or the pregnancy test. It’s not all walking on water!” Each prayer is accompanied by Scripture quotes, thought-provoking insights from Christian authors, and questions to prompt deeper reflection.