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How Lovely Are They Branches
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How Lovely Are They Branches

Window Calendar Pop Up

Publish Date: 8/1/2020
Product Number: DGG
Format: Card Stock
Size: 11 x 17
Availability: In Stock

$ 2.49
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Count down the days by popping-up an ornament each day of Advent!

Decorating an evergreen tree is a familiar Christmas tradition, one that can share the story of our salvation. Each day of Advent, open the ornament windows on this pop-up tree—a tree that points to heaven—and discover the meaning of the symbols as they pop up throughout the season of Advent. What will appear? A snake, an apple, a candle, a dove? Each ornament helps to tell the story of God’s love. A love that leads us on the path to heaven above.

Kick-off the Advent season with a gift the children in your class, group, church, school or family can enjoy all month long.