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We Love God's Creation

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We Love God's Creation

Publish Date: 8/1/2022
Product Number: GC3
UPC: 0733569651085
Format: Saddle-Stiched
Size: 5 3/8 X 8 3/8
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$ 1.99

Our brand-new sticker book captures the awe and joy of the Creation story as found in Genesis 1. Children learn about God’s loving goodness as they read through the days and phases of Creation, including his design of human beings—the pinnacle of his Creation. Filled with practical activities to stir a child’s appreciation of both the gift of life and the wonderful world we live in, the book closes with a call to care for the great gifts God has given us.


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About the series.

Learning the Catholic faith is fun with Living Faith Kids sticker books. With topics from the Mass to Miracles, the Sacraments to the Ten Commandments and the major seasons of the Church - these booklets teach lessons that last a lifetime. Each book includes a set of colorful stickers, puzzles and games highlighting the foundations of Catholic teachings. Ages 6-12.

All titles are 16 pages 5½" x 8½"

Also available! Coordinating Teaching Guides.

Lead and teach the tenants of our Catholic faith. Each curriculum guide, written to accompany a Living Faith Sticker Book, is designed to support a 1-hour session to easily incorporate into your weekly Religious Education classes. These lessons make learning the Catholic faith fun and are certain to stick with children as they live out their faith.

Teaching guide comes free with purchase of 10 or more sticker books. Call Customer Service at 800-325-9414 to take advantage of this offer.