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Lifted Up in Love Lent Litanites (Set of 300)
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Lifted Up in Love Lent Litanites (Set of 300)

Publish Date: 12/1/2023
Product Number: LZV
Size: 3 1/4 x 8 1/2
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$ 23.50
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Sold Per Set of 50 Each Week

LENT LITANIES include 6 designs, sold in sets of 50 (300 total)


This series of six Lenten litanies—one for each Sunday of Lent—focuses on experiencing more fully the everlasting compassion of God, shown to us in our Savior, who was lifted up on the cross for us. Includes responsive spoken words, hymn verses and daily Bible verses on each week’s theme related to being lifted up in love by Jesus. For use with the Lent devotional booklet (LD8) of the same name, or alone.

Sold in sets of 50 each for 6 weeks.