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Praying the Rosary Teacher Guide

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Praying the Rosary Teacher Guide

Companion to the Living Faith Kids Sticker Booklet

Publish Date: 8/1/2013
Product Number: RSTTG
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Lead a fun and information-filled class as you teach the tenants of our Catholic faith to children ages 7-10. This easy-to-use teaching guide is written to accompany the Praying the Rosary (Code RST) sticker booklet. Use as a guide for a complete 1-hour class, or easily incorporate the material into your weekly Religious Education classes. These lessons are certain to stick with children as they live out their faith.

Teaching guide comes free with purchase of 10 or morePraying the Rosary (Code RST) sticker books. Call Customer Service at 800-325-9414 to take advantage of this offer.