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Henri Nouwen - The Art of Living

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the death of beloved author and spiritual master Henri Nouwen, this series embraces five of his most essential teachings. Each 32-page booklet explores Henri’s words and places them in today’s context, offering fresh understanding and insight for both newcomers and longtime followers alike. Perfect for personal meditation, the series is also crafted for group study and sharing, with questions for reflection and meaningful conversation. Each booklet includes a handy guide for facilitators. Now more than ever, the church and the world need a fresh perspective on the transformative power of Christian spirituality. Spiritual master Henri Nouwen offers this hope for renewal, speaking to the heart of today’s believers.

Series includes:

Identity: Finding Myself in God

God: Discovering the Divine

Suffering: Transforming Our Pain

Love: Experiencing Deep Connection

Freedom: Finding Peace in Anxious Times

The Complete